What You Can Tell By The Way You Blink

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January 25, 2017
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March 31, 2017

What You Can Tell By The Way You Blink

Here’s my bold prediction: this post will be one of my most read posts ever. Why? Because people have become enamored with any study that claims to know why they are the way they are, and the title of this blog piqued your curiosity. That could be why you decided to check it out.

I saw a video on Facebook recently, one that highlighted the importance of not stereotyping people. BUT, I think one of their statements wasn’t entirely accurate. It stated that, “… we live in a world that likes to put people in boxes.” I would argue that we do this to ourselves. We willingly, almost excitedly, put ourselves in boxes, and we’re thrilled when the description of a specific box aligns with what we tend to believe about ourselves.

I have been a harsh critic of “multi-generational” trainings and discussions since their inception. I’m consistently amazed how the content of those discussions center around stereotypes and generalities. Companies are spending thousands of dollars on these trainings, believing them to be the answer to better engage and connect every individual within an organization.


If you want to study a trend in buying habits for a specific generation in order to determine how best to market to them, I get it. That makes sense to me. However, if you’re trying to connect with another human on a more meaningful level, basing your assumption about him/her on some BS generational training is the last thing I would suggest you use.

There are some basic fundamentals that connect all of us, regardless of age. People want to know with certainty that who they are and what they do matters. We all have a desire to live with purpose. We all experience fear, self-doubt and insecurity from time to time. We all fight an internal battle between staying safe and standing out.

Interacting with people on this level is what generates a real, genuine, and sustainable connection. I wish people would try it more often.

Oh, what does the way you blink say about you? Nothing, of course. Unless you want it to mean that if you blink, you must be brilliant. Then by all means blink away.

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