Saying Yes, Richard Branson Style

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June 9, 2016
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July 11, 2016

Saying Yes, Richard Branson Style

What do you think of this?


Honestly, that quote is so inspiring… and flat-out terrifying!

My cynical side reads this and thinks, “Well, easy for him to say. After all, he’s a billionaire.”

But then I’m forced to wonder whether he says things like this because he’s a billionaire, or did he became a billionaire because he acts on this mindset? More than likely, it was the latter.

It takes a conscious effort to overcome the fear of uncertainty, or doubt, or worry.

Which is why I want you to consider doing the very thing Richard Branson talks about.

Do you want to get in great shape and then run a marathon? Say yes, register for the marathon today, and then get yourself in shape to do it.

Were you asked to be a team lead on a project but you’re not sure how you can possibly do it? Say yes, and focus on figuring it out.

Are you involved in a development program that invites you to operate just outside of your comfort zone? If not, say yes and join one.

If you don’t have a group, or a program, that will explore how you think, what you do, and the help create the results you want, join mine.

This is about challenging yourself, investing in yourself, and being a part of the small percentage of people who live life in a significant way.

This is your opportunity to say “YES” today.

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