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July 11, 2016
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August 17, 2016

Not Feelings But Identity

Sorry to leave you hanging in my previous post. I mentioned I’d write about what influences our behavior. (Quick reminder: it better not be our feelings.)

Think about alignment as it relates to behavior.

Many people assume our lives are aligned when our behaviors are in sync with our feelings. As I wrote in my last post, that’s not exactly a proactive, predictable way of living.

Instead, true alignment is when your behaviors are in sync with your beliefs, mainly your beliefs about who you and who you want to be.

In other words, as I wrote previously, not only do I want to live by the idea of “I do, therefore I feel,” I now want to add the critical beginning: “I am, therefore I do. I do, therefore I feel.”

Living a significant, aligned life begins by asking “Who Am I,” not “How Do I Feel?”

It always starts with your IDENTITY.


PS – Details about my upcoming book coming soon. Stay tuned!

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