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December 29, 2016
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January 18, 2017

Change What You Take In

I want to present a concept, a thought, that I hope you’ll consider applying to your life this year.

If you want to make 2017 a great year, change the information you take in.

I want to challenge you in three specific areas:

1. Turn off the TV – Fake news. Demoralizing stories. Shows that don’t add value to our lives. Believe me, I know how addicting the next episode of Game of Thrones can be. But as a whole, find ways to minimize the amount of time watching TV. Try it for a week. See what difference it makes for you.

2. “Outgrow” people – Not all people, of course. Just the ones that bring you down. The ones that don’t add value to your life. Distance yourself from the naysayers; the eeyores; the drama fanatics; the backstabbers; the two-faced; the emotionally, spiritually, and mentally draining people in your life. Good riddance.

3. Read more – This may seem self-serving since my book is coming out in 10 days. But even if you decide not to read my book, find one to read that challenges you, educates you, and encourages you. Get lost in a good book and apply the content. Or simply read as a way to escape the demands of every day life.

What we allow in is often what steers our focus. If we can change the information we accept, perhaps we’ll begin to focus on more positive outcomes.

Good luck –


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