1 Strategy to Help Get Back Up

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November 2, 2015
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June 9, 2016

1 Strategy to Help Get Back Up

I’m pretty sure this world would be one hell of an awesome place to live… if people were, in reality, who they pretended to be on Facebook.

I’m guilty of this a little bit myself. See this picture?


I posted this pic on my Facebook page. It’s one of my favorites. The only thing missing is our dog, Bailey. (She doesn’t know so please keep it a secret!)

Anyway, we look good in this picture, don’t we? Smiling. Happy.

What you don’t see is the five minutes that took place before the picture was taken.

Do you know what it’s like to herd 2 kids who love to wrestle to sit for 3 seconds so we can get a decent picture? Landing on the moon is nothing compared to that.

“Come here. Sit down. Let go of your brother. Boys, stop. Stop. STOP!!! Now smile. Smile. No, not that type of smile. A nice smile. If you don’t smile you’re going in timeout. Would you just smile for this picture, please? Whitney, make the boys smile, would you?”

I wanted to have a scotch… but it was only 10:00am.

But that’s not what you get from that picture, is it? You don’t see the reality.

Reality involves dealing with frustration… wanting to control everything… desiring to live a life of significance…falling horrendously short.

Ever feel that way? Here’s the good news. You Are Not Alone.

I freaking love my family, and I fail time and time again to really be the person of significance and impact that I want to be. I fail. I try again. I fail. I try again.

I find that what helps me and others get back on the path that leads to significance and fulfillment, even when we stumble and fall time and time again, is traveling with other people who do just the same.

If you’re not involved with a group of folks who think differently, act differently, ARE different, then you’re trying to accomplish this on your own. That is a lonely, frustrating, dead end street.

Think about how you can connect with others who want to be responsible for their own growth and development, those who can encourage and support you, as you do the same for them.

If you’re not in that type of group, join one. If there’s none around you, start one. You might be surprised to learn how many people want to be significant and fulfilled and are looking for others who feel the same.

That’s reality.


PS – Don’t have a group? Join mine. I’ll send more info about that soon.

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